Team Member Cornelius "Neil" Dowdell

Cornelious Dowdell

Cornelius “Neil” Dowdell

HR Consultant, Facilitator, and Talent Strategist

Cornelius Dowdell is an exceptional, strategic, creative, and results-oriented leaders with more than 20 years of experience in Business Parts Analysis, Operational Processes, Talent Development, and Human Capital Management. Cornelius has a proven track record of creating an environment for personal and professional growth, aligned with continuous learning, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for all talent. He has a diverse background in mentorship, facilitation, human resource management, lean processes, project management, education, corporate learning, and leadership development.

Cornelius, also known as Neil, gained his experience through federal, state, and local governmental support as a processing supervisor for one of the largest passport facilities in the nation. Leveraging his experience in Lean Six Sigma methodology and project management, he led large teams to produce millions of federal documents for American Citizens. He transitioned to higher education to focus on Leadership and Management Development for corporations and small businesses.

Previously an integral leader of corporate learning for some of the nation’s renowned organizations such as Emory University, CGI Federal, and Louisiana State University, Neil now applies his over 20 years of working with Fortune 500 companies and local government organizations to The Nelius Strategy, educating large corporations and building startups on the importance of investing in human capital. Whether it is by providing talent development, coaching services, behavior assessments, or organizational analysis, his goal is to align all programs with the corporation’s business goals and strategies. Through the success of his roles, he has partnered with Fortune’s 100’s business Companies through The Nelius Strategy as an independent consultant, such as The Home Depot, Porsche Cars of North America, Coca-Cola, Yamaha, Novartis, CDC, Delta Air Lines, Public and Private School Systems.


Neil is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional, a certified leader in Everything DiSC, and authorized partner. He also possesses multiple certificates in Business Administration, Management and Leadership Program Development, and Integrated Talent Management Program Development. Neil has facilitated courses in communication, business writing, conflict management, situational leadership, behavior assessments, emotional intelligence, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and other areas of management and leadership development space. He is also experienced in business parts analysis, process improvement and lean principals as a consultant for operational efficiency and optimization. Cornelius has a Master of business Administration degree with a focus on Management and Leadership Development within Human Resources, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Louisiana State University. 

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